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A key person approach is the most effective way of ensuring that children have a strong relationship with an adult in the nursery in order to support their emotional well being.

The key person will look after your child’s and a small number of other children’s personal needs and will ensure that your child receives the best possible care and experiences during their sessions at the nursery. You will be able to talk to your child’s key person whenever you need to and they will be glad to advise you on any day to day issues that you may have. Your child’s key person will be keeping a record of their progress in their personal assessment book which will be passed from area to area as they move up through the nursery rooms. This information then goes with them to their reception teacher at school and provides him/her with information about your child’s achievements.

Assessments and Records 
Throughout the nursery your child’s current key person will keep a record of the children’s progress and achievements in a book specific to each child. The assessment is done by observations of the children doing activities throughout the day. The observations are written down in the book along with a photograph of the child and this is matched with the ‘I can’ statement.

The nursery holds a parents evening in the spring term where parents can discuss their child’s progress with his/her key person.

In the baby room and the nursery room a written log of activities enjoyed, meals, milk feeds, nappy changes and toileting (specific to your child’s development) is completed every day by the key person and handed to you at pick up time. There is a space for you to write comments or messages for the staff’s information for next session.