Managing behaviour and promoting key messages  

Managing behaviour
Adults working with the children in our nursery are able to manage a wide range of children’s behaviour in a way that promotes their welfare and development. Staff and management work together to ensure that the approach to managing behaviour is consistent and positive, by establishing clear boundaries in line with the child’s level of understanding children can become aware of routines and begin to understand what is expected of them. 

Key Messages
Children have a lot to learn about behaviour and coping with their environments in the first five years and the children in our nursery are all at different stages of development. Staff need to be sensitive to their individual needs, their cultural and family backgrounds and their developmental stages. Children are not born with an inbuilt understanding of the rules of acceptable behaviour, they have to learn them and adults need to help them to do this.

Therefore the manager, room leaders and their teams have a responsibility to ensure that:

  • The physical environment is safe, well organised and stimulating
  • All activities, resources and equipment are appropriate for the children’s ages and stages of development
  • Where appropriate children are given opportunities to become involved in their own learning environment including the setting of rules and boundaries
  • The nursery offers plenty of well planned and age appropriate activities
  • Staff get involved in play with the children thus discouraging inappropriate behaviour
  • Children are helped to understand what is expected of them
  • They are free to learn and play in a way that is organised so that desired behaviours are encouraged and praised