Meals & Diets

Sunflowers Nursery School strives to provide top quality food prepared on the premises by our fully qualified chef and we ensure that all food is prepared fresh daily using the finest of ingredients.  Our Kitchen was awarded 5 stars by the environmental health.

Our chef is employed full time and dedicates her time solely to prepare snacks, lunch, tea and the cleaning of the kitchen area.

The menu runs on a three week rota and has been designed not only to provide a balanced and varied diet, but also to introduce seasonal vegetables, special world festivals and celebrations where possible.

A typical day would find the children being offered:

9:30 - 10am Snack: Various fresh fruit pieces and a choice of fresh milk, juice or water

12pm Lunch: Roast Beef, Yorkshire puddings, Vegetables, potatoes and gravy, Dessert: Strawberry tart

2pm Snack: Various fresh vegetable sticks or fresh fruit pieces, juice, water or milk

4pm Tea: Homemade soup with fresh crusty bread

Special Dietary Requirements
Sunflowers Nursery School takes special dietary requirement and preferences very seriously. Children with allergies and dietary needs are provided with an alternative meal or snack. All special dietary requirements are recorded and displayed in the kitchen to ensure that no child is given foods that have been removed from their diet.

Within the baby facility there is an area equipped for staff to blend or chop the food specific to each baby’s development needs and where milk feeds can be prepared as and when needed. As much as possible the babies are provided with the same food as the other children with the exception of a few dishes that are substituted for something easier to digest. Particular attention to paid to providing the babies and children with as many different textures, tastes and smells as possible throughout the day.