Rooms and Environment
The nursery is split into three age groups, the ‘Baby’ room which is designed to be utilised by babies from birth until around 14-18 months. The ‘Nursery Room’ is for toddlers between 14 month and 2 and a half to three years old and ‘pre-school’ for children from 2 and a half until school age. Select a below option for more information about our specific rooms.

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Outdoor Play
Our outdoor play provision consists of three areas following the guidelines of the EYFS

Firstly we have the soft tarmac where we can develop the children’s physical skills. We provide climbing equipment, slides, bikes, balls, soft play mats, hula-hoops, ICT and hopscotch. This surface is specially designed in order to minimise injury in the event of a tumble.

Secondly we have the lawn area where the activities that can take place include music, construction, sand, water, books and role play.

The third area of our outdoor play provision has recently been expanded to provide further outdoor activities. This is at the back of the garden where they can develop their knowledge and understanding of the world by discovering insects and bugs in the wild area and with the input of the nursery gardener can be encouraged to grow, observe and harvest their own vegetables and fruit. Within all the garden areas we can offer problem solving and numeracy activities.

Our outdoor areas can be used in all weathers and children are always dressed appropriately and supervised by staff at all times.