Safeguarding Children
Sunflowers Nursery Schools primary aim is to provide the children in its care with an environment in which they can feel safe and secure. Sunflowers takes the safety and security of the children very seriously and operates a thorough safeguarding policy. The policy ensures that only people who have been cleared as suitable to work with children will be employed. The policy also gives clear instruction on what to do if the safety and security of a child is at risk, who the safeguarding coordinator is and what is expected of nursery staff with regard to safeguarding children issues.

Play Versus Risk Management
Children have an intrepid attitude to life and each new encounter is an adventure and each experiential learning opportunity is a rich experience to be cherished and retained for future reference. The play environments offered at the nursery both inside and outside need to inspire the imagination and the natural curiosity of a young and developing mind.

Children need to be allowed to explore situations and settings but this needs to be undertaken in a controlled and secure way. We provide safe environments but need to allow the children to develop and explore how to use the equipment available to them whilst being guided and steered away from unacceptable risks. The children then start to learn how to recognise risks and keep themselves safe.

During play children will always be coming across the ‘unknown’ as they develop through different stages and embrace new experiences. These may be simple steps such as moving from a push along bike to one with pedals. Adults need to recognise that although these seem like small steps to us they are important developmental stages for the child. Each one of these steps successfully mastered will become building blocks for future development. During play children can learn at an early stage what it means to take a risk and start to understand the consequences of actions, this may mean the occasional bump or scrape but learning to deal with these is also an essential part of learning about courage, judgement and coping mechanisms.

It is the responsibility of the adults working with the children in the nursery to undertake appropriate risk assessments for the activities on offer. They need to be suitably qualified and experienced to enable them to assess and subsequently manage any risks and to not expose the children to unacceptable dangers. However, the children should not be exposed to a ‘cotton-wool’ environment where they are denied the richness of experiences because they are not allowed to take an active role during play.

Policies, procedures, training and risk assessment are all designed to promote a ‘can do’ approach providing the risk is assessed and controlled. In the event of an accident happening the staff are trained in first aid to give immediate help and will then follow up the event in order that we can investigate, learn and improve our procedures if necessary.

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