Nursery Staff
The nursery staff at Sunflowers hold recognised qualifications in child care or are currently undergoing training which will lead to accreditation. Great care is taken in recruiting staff and then following up their references and clearing staff through the criminal records bureau.  We select staff that have a genuine love for children and a commitment to their well being and development.

Each child is allocated a key person who will deal with more personal issues, have input into and undertake assessments and will also keep detailed progress records on the children in their group. 

Nursery staff generally fall into three categories:
Room co-ordinator: the person in charge of the individual rooms
Nursery Nurse: person holding a recognised and relevant qualification
Nursery Assistant: person working towards a qualification

Management Staff
Sunflowers currently operates with a Manager, who in this instance is also the proprietor and a Deputy Manager who supports the manager and is responsible for the nursery in her absence. 

Education Staff
Sunflowers has an Early Years Education Co-ordinator who holds a degree in Early Childhood Studies. She makes sure that the nursery is conforming to the EYFS – learning and development section. Researches, develops and implements learning opportunities and prepares resources including adult led activities whilst ensuring that the nursery provides ongoing learning opportunities.

Sunflowers have a fully qualified chef with experience in child nutrition. All meals are prepared from fresh in our fully equipped kitchen. Chef also has experience in special diets and meals from different cultures.

Administrative Staff
Sunflowers have the support of a bookkeeper/management accountant who visits the nursery on a weekly basis. The web site is maintained by an outside agency and updated on site by the nursery manager.

Premises Staff
Sunflowers has the support and input from our qualified gardener who maintains the gardens, keeps the areas safe and works with the nursery and children during the ‘growing’ sessions. We also have a maintenance worker who visits the site regularly and is on call for any emergency repairs; this ensures that we keep the nursery area safe at all times.